Event Conecta


Networking takes the streets.

Street Meetings are a tour for limited groups; a new and fun way of connecting and discovering the city of Toledo, UNESCO World Heritage Site with 2000 years of history. It is a fantastic opportunity to discover and learn about the culture and history of the City of the Three Cultures (Jewish, Muslim and Christian), among other Conecta delegates, in order to foster new connections.

Conecta Street Meetings in 2023:

  • Tuesday, june 27 of 2023: Pozo del Salvador, Plaza de Zocodover, Calle Plata, Plaza de San Vicente, Judería Mayor, Termas Romanas, Hombre de Palo, Cuatro Calles, Calle Comercio y Palacio de Congresos.
  • Wednesday, june 28 of 2023: Plaza de Zocodover, Santa Justa y Rufina, Iglesia de los Jesuitas, Convento Madre de Dios, Pozo del Salvador, Catedral and back again to Palacio de Congresos.