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Accreditations for Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT are now open available.

Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT accreditation is reserved exclusively for audiovisual industry professionals. See our Accreditation Conditions.

To apply for a Professional Accreditation (Industry), you must create an account or login.

Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT is a hybrid event that combines face-to-face activities with some online activities, its goal is to promote the exchange and internationalization among professionals of the audiovisual sector for the creation, financing, production, broadcasting and distribution of fiction and entertainment television content from America and Europe.

Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT will take place on-site from 21-24 June 2022 in Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), with some online activities on its online platform.

During the event participants will be able to discover projects, attend panels and evening events, participate in the Conecta Think Tank (extra accreditation), meet with senior executives and potential collaborators to close deals and business.


From each accreditation sold, Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT will donate 2€ for initiatives that promote environmental sustainability to help offset the CO2 footprint generated by the Event.

Hybrid Accreditation
(On-site from 21 to 24 June 2022 & Online, with access to the platform until 8 July 2022)

  • Early Bird Hybrid Accreditation – 245€ (+VAT) – Until 21 April 2022 (limited capacity)
  • Regular Hybrid Accreditation – 330€ (+VAT) – Until 21 June 2022 (or until the event is fully booked).

This type of accreditation gives access to all the programme activities published on the website (except for Conecta Think Tank, which requires an extra accreditation), to the Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT platform and to the on-demand activities.

Online Accreditation
(Online access from 21 June, until 8 July 2022)

  • Online accreditation – 135€ (+VAT)

This type of accreditation gives access to the Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT online platform (Matchmaking and Networking to organise one-to-one meetings) and to the on-demand activities

One-Day Pass

  • Wednesday, 22 June – 170€ (+VAT)
  • Thursday, 23 June – 170€ (+VAT)
  • Friday, 24 June – 135€ (+VAT)

One-Day Passes give access to the event only on the day of the date indicated. It does not give access to the opening event on 21 June 2022.

The One-Day Pass will give access to all the activities scheduled on the day of the event, including evening activities and the Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT online platform.

Conecta Think Tank
(On-site, 21 June 2022)

  • Conecta Think Tank, premium activity – 95€ (+VAT)

This activity is only available to those who have purchased a Hybrid Accreditation, it cannot be booked with a One-Day Pass or Online Accreditation. For more information about the Coencta Think Tank, please click here.

ConectaMeet Agenda
(On-site, 22 and/or 23 June 2022)

  • ConectaMeet Agenda – 85€ (+VAT) – Until 16 May, 2022 (limited capacity)

This service is only available to participants with Hybrid Accreditation. Those with Online Accreditation or One-Day Pass will not be able to take advantage of this service. For more information about ConectaMeet, please click here.

Accreditations for Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT are now open.

The Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT press accreditation is reserved exclusively to audiovisual industry press professionals.

To request your accreditation, you must create an account or login. See our Accreditation Conditions.

For more information on Press Accreditations, please contact accreditation@eventconecta.com