Event Conecta


‘Born in Conecta’ is the label of all those projects that have gone ahead thanks to their participation in any of their pitching sessions at Conecta. These projects are in different stages of development, financing or production and some of them have already been broadcasted on different Spanish or foreign channels or platforms. Congratulations to all those who have managed to complete their project!

#NOFILTER Broadcasted on SIC Radical - OPTO SICFilm
BeActive Entertainment SA
CF4 - 2020, Short Form
Will Flavia and Rita be able to overcome the difficulties that affect recent graduates these days and finally live the life they've dreamed of?
@mor Status: In ProductionFilm
Puerto Rico - Spain, 2023
La Repostería Producciones - Belle Films
CF1 (2017), Pitch CoPro
Yuliana (34), Puerto Rican, is a film producer, married to her job and her phone. At a gynecologist's appointment, in the middle of pre-production on her new film, Yuliana discovers that she has pre-cancerous cells and has two years left before she can procreate. She not only wants to have children, but has always wanted to have a family, and the news shocks her. Faced with her crisis, she abandons everything and goes on a
Sixth Sense High: Paramnesia Status: Broadcasted on SIC Radical and OPTO SICTV Movie
Portugal, 2022
BeActive Entertainment SA
CF1 (2017), Pitch CoPro
What is that place that nobody's heard of that doesn't even show up on the Internet? What secrets do those walls hide? What happened that fateful night? In an attempt to find out what happened to her and made her lose her memory, Maria will dive into the school's mysteries, and her life will never be the same again.
DRAMA IN PANAMA Status : broadcasted Webserie
Bulgaria, 2021
Activist38, Ltd.
CF2 (2018), Pitch Digiseries
An interactive adventure comedy web series, inspired by Jack London's novel 'Three Hearts'.
GAIA Status : in advanced developmentSeries
Aura Pictures & La Charito Films
CF5 (2021), Pitch NAEN Euroregion Series
The year is 2026 and the climate change crisis is getting stronger and stronger. Gala, a shy tourist guide, lives with her disabled father in the Catalan Pyrenees. Every day she drives an hour and a half each way to and from her job in the tourist resort of Pau in the south of France. But one day she will not be able to return home with her father. For unknown reasons, the border between France and Spain has been broken.It seems that the Earth is throwing down a challenge and Gala, who had always lived a life in the background, will be one of the people with the ability to solve it.
INVISIBLE HEROES Status : broadcasted on YLE and ChilevisiónTV Series, 6x45'
Finland, Chile, 2019
Kaiho Republic, Parox
CF1 (2017), Pitch Copro Series
Chilean-Finnish historical drama based on true events that tells the story of two Finnish diplomats who saved hundreds of lives in Chile after the 1973 coup d'état.
INÉS OF MY SOUL Status : broadcasted in RTVE, Chilevisión and Amazon Prime VideoTV Series
Spain, Chile, 2020
Promocine, Boomerang TV, RTVE, Chilevisión
CF1 (2017), Pitch Copro Series
Based on the novel of the same name by Isabel Allende, set in the Conquest of Chile, this is the story of a woman from Extremadura, Inés Suárez, who sets sail for the New World. On her journey, Inés crosses the ocean by boat in search of her husband, El Dorado, years after he disappeared. On her adventure, she meets the man who will become the love of her life: Pedro de Valdivia.
THE LIFE OF US Status : Broadcasted on TVNSeries
Chile, 2021 (In collaboration with SANFIC)
BTF Media Chile
La vida de nosotras is a project consisting of 16 independent short fiction films based on real cases of women who have been victims and survivors of the various manifestations of gender violence.
MALAKA Status : broadcasted in RTVETV Series
Spain, 2019
Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio)
CF2 (2018), Pitch Fundación SGAE
The body of a young woman is found floating in the bay of Malaga. It is Noelia, daughter of an important local businessman. At the same time, at the other end of the city, the truce between the groups that move hashish is broken: someone has introduced a new product, a strange pollen that comes in golden ingots.
DEAD LINE Status : broadcasted in Turner LatamSeries
Argentina, 2021
Nativa Contenidos - Utópica Media
CF3 (2019), Pitch Digiseries,
Julián is a YouTuber who discovers a cell phone capable of recording ghosts. And thus, is born his project Still Life: the first paranormal channel that shows real ghosts in full HD.
NO TRACES Status : to be released on Amazon Prime Video in 2023Series
Spain, 2022
Zeta Studios
CF2 (2018), Pitch Clips
Desi and Cata, a gypsy and a Mexican house cleaner, become the targets of police, Russian hitmen and a wealthy family when they find a dead body and a bag full of money in a mansion where they work.
STRINGS Status : broadcasted Series
Russia, 2021
Sputnik Vostok Production
CF5 (2021), Pitch Music Series
Torn between their intense studies, their personal lives and sudden popularity, four young cello musicians strive to succeed in the incredibly competitive world of professional music.
WINTER PALACE Status: To be released in 2024 on Netflix & RTSSeries
Point Prod, Oble Studios
2022, Pitch High-End Series
1899. André Morel, an ambitious Swiss hotelier has a daring vision: a five-star hotel that will stay open throughout the winter season.
UNREAL Status : Broadcasted in RTVE playSeries
Spain, 2021
Moa Studio
CF4 Reboot (2020), Pitch Short-Form Series
‘Unreal’ is a thriller that mixes live action and 2D animation that follows the story of Elena and Lucia, two girls with an obsession for revenge and a yearning for justice that leads them to kidnap a murder suspect.