CONECTA VIBES are a set of leisure activities and experiences designed to facilitate personal connections between Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT attendees. Leisure will act like water, present in the visual identity of this year’s Conecta, a medium sensitive to vibrational energies capable of building opportunities and creating connections.

Several activities designed for free time during two days of the event, aimed at multiplying the options for creating connections and making the participants’ experience more memorable.




Our traditional Street Meetings are back, bringing together more than 120 Conecta attendees every year with guided walks through the city of Toledo led by official guides. The Street Meetings are a tour for limited groups, a new and fun way to connect and discover the city of Toledo, a UNESCO World Heritage City with more than 2,000 years of history.

Last year’s tours covered such unique and emblematic places as: Pozo del Salvador, Plaza de Zocodover, Calle Plata, Plaza de San Vicente, Judería Mayor, Termas Romanas, Hombre de Palo, Cuatro Calles, Calle Comercio, Santa Justa y Rufina, Iglesia de los Jesuitas, Convento Madre de Dios, Pozo del Salvador and Toledo Cathedral.

This is a fantastic opportunity to visit and discover the culture and history of the City of the Three Cultures (Jewish, Muslim and Christian), together with other accredited visitors to the event.

There will be morning sessions starting at 8:30 am on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June , departing from the door of the Palacio de Congresos, with a duration of one hour and the possibility of a tour in English or Spanish.


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New this year! As the expression Mens sana in corpore sano‘ goes, keeping your body fit through exercise helps you think more clearly. That’s why we offer two types of exercise sessions in the mornings to arrive at Conecta’s professional activities with a fresh mind and a renewed body.

A morning session of each type will be held at 08:00 hours, before the opening of the Palace, on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th June, in the facilities of the Hotel Carlos V (rooftop) and the Hotel San Juan de los Reyes.


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Yoga class attendees will start the day with their chakras aligned, ready for a day full of inspiration and the possibility to connect – a perfect way to find the balance between passion for work and personal wellbeing!

2 x 1 hour yoga classes for 20 people (19 & 20 June), one of the days on the rooftop of the Hotel Carlos V (city centre) with stunning views, and the other at the centrally located Hotel San Juan de los Reyes.

Classes include:

  • Yoga instructor
  • Yoga mat
  • Towel
  • Hydration




Fitness class attendees will start the day with a boost of energy, working out alongside their peers, energised for all the networking that awaits them. At Conecta, exercise not only gets the heart pumping, but also fosters camaraderie and wellbeing within our vibrant community.

2 1-hour fitness classes for up to 40 people(19 & 20 June), one day on the terrace of the Hotel Carlos V (city centre) with stunning views, and the other at the centrally located Hotel San Juan de los Reyes.

Classes include:

  • Fitness instructor
  • Fitness mat
  • Towel
  • Hydration

Offer available to all accredited Conecta participants (cannot be booked separately). Participants interested in the activity will be able to select the hotel that suits them best.