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Summary of the seventh edition of Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT
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RTVE & Other New Awards Conecta 2023
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Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT unveils the highlights of its 7th edition
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Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT 2023 announces the finalists for the five Pitching Sessions
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2023 Program Preview First time including a Spanish Content Showcase for international buyers. Registration for Conecta THINK TANK 2023 is now open.
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The first members of the project editorial committees have been unveiled.
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The Seventh Edition of Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT anticipates important new features.
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Summary of the sixth edition of Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT
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Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT 2022 awards ceremony
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Spain, focus country of this year’s edition, takes centre stage on the first day of Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT
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Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT opens its renowned pitch sessions in Toledo
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Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT: Toledo will be the capital of the international audiovisual industry from 21 to 24 June 2022.
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The veteran spanish producer José Velasco, Honorary Award Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT 2022 in recognition of his professional career.
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First confirmed companies and speakers for the event's 6th edition
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New pitching session: Pitch Feelgood Formats
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Calls Open for 3 New Project Pitching Sessions
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Conecta FICTION & ENTERTAINMENT will be held in Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain) from 21 to 24 June 2022
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Conecta FICTION 2021 Awards
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Streamers, industry, rights and content creators were reviewed on an intense second day at Conecta FICTION
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13-09-2021·} {·Download
Conecta FICTION once again epicentre of audiovisual co-production between Europe and America.
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Conecta FICTION opens its door with the announcement of the finalists of 2021 pitching sessions.
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Conecta FICTION 5 unveils its activity programme for June 2021.
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Inside Content - organizers of Conecta FICTION - hosts for the second consecutive year the International Emmy® Awards Semi-Final Judging in the Short- Form Series category.
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Conecta FICTION launches new Pitch Session: Pitch Euroregion NAEN Series.
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Conecta FICTION and BIME PRO launch the call for projects "Pitch Music Series".
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Conecta FICTION announces dates for its Fifth Edition
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Hybrid edition final assessment. Talent and industry endorse the realization of Conecta FICTION Reboot.
14-09-2020·} {·Download
Conecta FICTION sheds light on the situation of the audiovisual industry as it closes its face-to-face event.
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These are the projects awarded in the fourth edition of Conecta FICTION.
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Conecta FICTION Reboot kicks off.
01-09-2020·} {·Download
Connecting with... Kate del Castillo and Alex Berger.
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World Première in the Big Screen of the series "Inés of My Soul", on Wednesday, Sept 2, in Pamplona.
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Rebooting the Audiovisual Industry.
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Conecta FICTION Reboot returns in September Programme Brief (I).
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Rebooting Connections: The First Stage of the Co-Pro Event (June 15-26, 2020).
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Chile and the Talent to Spice Up Stories.
18-06-2020·} {·Download
The European Co-production Formula and Tips from Top Executive Women in the Audiovisual Industry.
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A Week to Reboot and Reconnect with the Industry.
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Conecta FICTION unveils the finalist of its 4 different pitching sessions.
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Conecta FICTION Reboot: Programme Overview. Rebooting the Industry, the Co-productions and the Talent.
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Movistar+ will present its original series RIOT POLICE in Conecta FICTION Reboot.
28-05-2020·} {·Download
Rebooting industry, co-productions and talent.
27-05-2020·} {·Download
A virtual space created to generate real and effective connections.
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Conecta FICTION, the most important co-production event between America and Europe will have a hybrid edition, both on-site and online, in 2020.
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Inside Content, the company organizing Conecta FICTION, hosts the International Emmy® Awards Semi-Final Judging in the Sort-Form Series category.
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United States will be the "Focus America" selected country for Conecta FICTION 4
20-01-2020·} {·Download
France, European Focus Country at ConectaFICTION 4.
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Conecta FICTION 4 will once again take place in Navarra in June 22-25.
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Conecta FICTION 3: Thursday, June 20.
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Conecta FICTION Awards 2019.
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Conecta FICTION 3: Wednesday, June 19.
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Conecta FICTION 3: Tuesday, June 18.
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What you can find in Conecta FICTION 2019.
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Conecta FICTION unveils the finalist projects of its 4 different pitching sessions.
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Conecta FICTION presents its programme in Pamplona-Iruña.
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ITALY will be the European Focus Country at Conecta FICTION 3.
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Chile will be the American Focus Country in the third edition of Conecta FICTION. The online registration process for accreditations opens today. Projects for Pitch Copro Series and Pitch Digiseries for Conecta FICTION 3 can be submitted online from February 21.
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Conecta FICTION announces the 10 projects selected for the international PITCH COPRO SERIES and the 5 finalists in the new PITCH DIGISERIES category.
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RTVE supports CONECTA FICTION for the second year running, and will increase its presence in the second edition.
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Presented in Madrid the Second Edition of Conecta FICTION.
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The Conecta FICTION Program: Three Intense Days of Fostering the Co-production of Fiction for Television between Europe and America.
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Conecta FICTION unveils the 10 projects selected for the International Co-Production Pitching Session.
02-06-2017·} {·Download
Conecta FICTION announces the 6 projects from the SGAE Foundation selected for the pitching session.
26-05-2017·} {·Download
Conecta FICTION received 70 TV Series projects for the International coproduction pitching sessions.
17-05-2017·} {·Download
MIPTV 2017.
05-04-2017·} {·Download
Conecta FICTION presentation at Cannes MIPTV. Televisión Española (TVE) announces its cooperation with the International Co-production event between Europe and Latin America.
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Movistar+ partners with the first edition of Conecta FICTION.
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Conecta FICTION announces the call for entry for the pitches of international co-production projects.
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FLYER PRESS PRESENTATION. Casa de Galicia, Madrid.
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Press Presentation. Casa de Galicia, Madrid.
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Conecta FICTION Reboot (Tuesday 16): Riot Police and Rebooting the Co-productions.
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Conecta FICTION Reboot (Monday 15): Rebooting the Industry.
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Conecta FICTION Reboot (Monday 15): Opening Session (Inés del Alma Mía).
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Conecta FICTION Reboot (Monday 15): Opening Session (Projects).
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Afterwork Presentation Conecta FICTION 4 in Madrid.
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Ciudad de Pamplona: Ciudadela, Ayuntamiento, Palacio de congresos Baluarte y Plaza del Castillo.
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You´ll find all of this at Conecta FICTION 3.
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